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Year 1, Day 25

I'm totally abusing my powers.

Woah. It's been five days since I've posted something. Sorry, I got a bit busy with running Puzzle, haha. Yeah, Kobayashi-san took a vacation and handed me his job. So here I am!

So, still two days and Spring will be over! I'm glad. I hate hay fever, haha. Summer is a lot better. Sun, sea, beach, ice cream. :DDD
And also! Summer songs! I love those songs, they're all about enjoying the weather and being carefree and such. Fun songs to dance to~
I hope this year's summer songs will be nice. I really hope so! I love music, so there must be good releases every year! >| haha.
Actually, there must be good releases throughout the years! That means, always! Haha.

Okay, as you can see, I talk way too much. More than Kobayashi-san, anyway. But, as usual, I'm in my hyper kinda mood where I talk a lot. And I talk a lot on this entry because no one reads this anyway. I can type out secrets and know that no one will read them, haha. But I won't. >D

It's 4:40AM as I write this. I should be going to sleep especially when my mom found out I was still up and got angry, telling me I should sleep like, nao. lol. but I don't want to~
I have to get up in .. two hours. What's the point in sleeping -- *is multi-tasking*.. okay, now i have to get up in about an hour. Damn. I need coffee in half an hour. I promised a friend I'd go to the gym with her. Gotta need energy for that. xDD;;;

AND! Then I have to work! Shit. I should've slept. But. Uh. Today, I'll keep an eye on Pleasure Zone the hosts *__*! So, see you later at Pleasure Zone, everyone! >Dv

Peace out.

OH. Did I mention that the weather is nice today? A bit of sunshine, and no rain at all! Yay!

Haha. Bye bye.
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