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Year 1, Day 20.

Whoo. It's day 20! Yay! This is your fail!mod posting here. :Dv
Yes, I'm taking this over from Kobayashi Takurai, since he needs to retire.

.. LOL, okay, I'm kidding. I'm probably on crack, haha.

But, really, I like it here. Maybe i'll take his position, instead. >3

Uh, yeah. This is the 20th day and Kobayashi Takurai is too lazy to post about this day.

And since I want to ramble, I just post for him instead. Maybe I'll do this more often, so I can ramble more and not annoy anyone with it! Because it's simple, if you don't want to read it, then you don't read it. Right? RIGHT? Good! 8D

.. I love White X-mas. The song. Also the holiday, but christmas has yet to come to PUZZLE. Still a long time before that happens though.

This Love, GD's version is now playing, I love that song more than Maroon 5's. XD It's Meisa's favorite song, isn't it? *knows everything >D*

So, right. I wonder where I'm going with this post.. it's really nonsense, haha.

I'll just shut up before this post gets a page long. See ya, and have fun. ;Dv

Press the RESET, press, press the RESET.
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